AP State bifurcation is complex issue

This Andhra Pradesh news posted by TeluguDB on 27 December, 2013

AP State bifurcation is complex issue - Online Andhra Pradesh News

Andhra Pradesh assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar have been to Uttar Pradesh to study on the procedures followed by them while formation of new states like Uttarakhand etc.

Where as Uttar Pradesh assembly speaker Pande said to AP speaker as the present situation in your state on state bifurcation is different and I think its a complex issue.

As we have a mutual understanding between all MLAs while dividing the state, so it took just three days for discussion on this matter, however there is lack of co-ordination in AP it seems he said.

However he also explained to Nadendla Manohar as there is not much changes are requested by MLAs and no one filed an affidavit regarding the divide bill. So we have not faced any problems in assembly. Even we have received the draft bill copies in English and Hindi, so there is no questioning on translation issues, which are raised in your Andhra Pradesh state.

As of we can only one as we have to go as per the situation. Even Nadendla requested for video tapes of that session, however UP speaker Pande said that we do not record the sessions, so we can not provide them.

The present situation seems to be the hard for Andhra Pradesh speaker Nadendla Manohar on what procedures to be followed to get it done for smoothly on state bifurcation.

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