TDP Praja Garjana for Justice

This Andhra Pradesh news posted by TeluguDB on 30 December, 2013

TDP Praja Garjana for Justice - Online Andhra Pradesh News

TDP president Chandra Babu Naidu started Praja Garjana from temple town Tirupati for justice to the Telugu people living in all regions.

In which Babu said as UPA ruled congress government in the center and state both are playing with the Telugu people. They are not following any procedures, which has to be followed while dividing the state.

After seeing a huge crowd participated in TDP Praja Garjana, Babu said that the crowd shows that people are against the congress ruling, who failed in controlling the price rise of commodities and all.

However after TDP winning of more seats in recently held Panchayat elections, congress came to know that TDP is getting stronger in Andhra Pradesh. So to stop this they come up with state bifurcation. Which is splitting brothers like Ram, Lakshman, however congress now making us Vali, Sugriva. Congress is just following the footsteps of British, which is divide and rule.

As long as TDP live, we will never let them do whatever they want to do, as before bifurcating they must take the opinions of people living in all regions.

Congress is showing that TDP given letter for state division, but they are not revealing the points highlighted are as must do justice before dividing the state.

Congress is spoiled the state since they started ruling in state, our vision 2020 becomes a vision 420 by congress party. UPA government is done a huge scams which are known by every one in India.Babu clearly said that Sonia Gandhi is the first one, who doing this state division for just sake of political gains.

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