Telangana bill copies teared by some legislators

This Andhra Pradesh news posted by TeluguDB on 17 December, 2013

Telangana bill copies teared by some legislators - Online Andhra Pradesh News

As soon legislators got the copies of Telangana bill and trying to conducting the discussion on it in assembly, both regions MLAs came forward to the assembly podium and shouted the slogans by some are as Jai Telangana and some are Jai Samaikyandhra.

Even some of the Seemandhra MLAs are teared the copies of Telangana bill and they said strongly as we will never accept this bill. Mean while there is a little bit of tension gripped in assembly between both region legislators, the situation has been controlled by marshals.

Minister Sreedhar Babu said that the discussion has been started, however some are saying that not started.

TDP leaders Devineni Uma and Narendra made a pieces of T bill copies at the media point in assembly. Even outside assembly war kind of situation gripped, however police are taken control of the situation after dispersing all legislators.

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