UPA Government lost their faith

This Andhra Pradesh news posted by TeluguDB on 30 December, 2013

UPA Government lost their faith - Online Andhra Pradesh News

Seemandhra Congress MPs are met a President Pranab in President house in Bollaram on Sunday and they said that the UPA government is lost their faith in the nation. Even they are going against the Telugu peoples wish, as they are trying to bifurcate the state without concern of people is not good at all.

Even UPA going against the constitutional procedures on making the new state of Telangana. Now we have a hope on you sir, as a President of India, you can stop this state division, which will not only helps to save the Telugu People but also the congress party presence in the Andhra Pradesh state.

However Seemandhra congress MPs are also reminded the Pranab, as UPA government is come up with this state bifurcation only for sake of political gains.

After meeting with President, the Seemandhra MPs are said to media on meet the press as we have placed a no trust motion in parliament and even we have strength to go for voting, however UPA is willingly postponed the parliament sessions to avoid this, so we came here and explained to President on this matter and we hope he will take necessary action on this matter.

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