We are just a step before Telangana

This Andhra Pradesh news posted by TeluguDB on 16 December, 2013

We are just a step before Telangana - Online Andhra Pradesh News

Hyderabad: TRS Chief KCR arranged a press meet and said to media in Telangana bhavan as we are in need of just one step for creating a new Telangana state.

He also said as central government is willingly moving forward on creating the new state, that is the reason cabinet made T draft and sent it to President too, Which means we are not far away to fulfill our dream.

However he clarified that there is no need of voting in assembly on draft bill, as they only take opinions regarding the bill from the MLAs.

When president sent the bill to assembly speaker, its his duty to table the bill. We are sure that speaker Nadendla Manohar is good on doing his duties. If at all if he failed to table the bill means its an insult made to the president on T bill.

Where as the final decision will be made in parliament only. He also clearly said there is no meaning of 371(D) will be problem at this time on state bifurcation and also no need to discuss on BAC. Some of the TDP MLAs are interested to join in TRS.

We hope BJP will keep their word in forming the separate Telangana, where as TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu trying to stop the state bifurcation, but he must know that now he can not stop the Telangana in any manner.

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