What about 371-D asked by CM to Digvijay

This Andhra Pradesh news posted by TeluguDB on 14 December, 2013

What about 371-D asked by CM to Digvijay - Online Andhra Pradesh News

AP CM Kiran Kiran Kumar Reddy raised his doubt on 371-D, which is specially applied to Andhra Pradesh state to congress party state in-charge Digvijay Singh.

Mean while CM assured to Seemandhra MLAs, as the state bifurcation is not that simple, as per attorney general Vahanavati said as the special 371-D clause is made up for state of Andhra Pradesh, so if center wants to move forward then they have to change the article 368 as per procedures, which is suggested by him to the group of ministers.

In reply Digvijay said to CM as we all know about this and we have thoroughly gone through all possible options and prepared Telangana draft bill.

He also mentioned that there is no need to amend the 371-D clause, where as central government have special powers in bifurcation of any state. In fact which does not need 2/3 of majority, just simple majority can win the bill in parliament.

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