Beauty tips for Eyes

Explore free beauty tips for eyes.

Beauty tips for an under eye pack

  1. For an under eye pack , mix milk cream, almond oil, and honey. Apply this around your eye and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash it off with plain water.
  2. Be careful that the pack does not go into your eyes. This will help in reducing the dark circles.

Beauty tips for Dark circles

Mix one teaspoon of mashed banana with four drops of honey and apply around your eyes, crush mint leaves and apply the paste around the eyes.

Cure your dark circles

  1. Reduce the amount of salt intake. Unwanted salt causes the body to retain water in unusual places, which can result in puffiness under the eyes. It can also impair your circulation, and cause the blood vessels under the skin to appear bluer.
  2. Add some mint leaves, lemon juice, and salt to tomato juice and drink.
  3. Increase the amount of water intake. (About 2-3 litres)

Daily eye care tips

  1. Wash your eyes with cold water at least twice or thrice a day.
  2. Keep cucumber slices on your eyes for soothing them after work that put strain on your eyes.
  3. Drink adequate amount of water each day.
  4. Include food rich in vitamin A, C and E in your diet.
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