Beauty tips for face for men

Beauty tips for men is a common notion that they are less concerned about their beauty than women are. But there is only pinch of truth in it and researches show that men too are equally interested in beauty and beauty tips compared to their opposite gender.

Achieving beauty is not only easy, but critical thing you can do for yourself. Even though there are lot of beauty parlours for men that offer services you men wish, still there is need of some beauty tips, which are necessary for their daily life.

We would be happy sharing some beauty tips for men, which will help them to gain their desired look.

  1. Give your face an exfoliation at least once for a week. It will eliminate dead skin cells from the face and. Gently treat the face with good scrub.
  2. Use a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from wrinkles and skin cancer. Use a best moisturizer. Before exposing to sun apply sunscreen lotion and maintain the natural complexion and texture of your skin.
  3. Extract the juice of half an orange, mix with two teaspoons of curd. Lightly massage onto your face in an upward direction. Let it dry. Then, wash face with cold water and wipe dry.
  4. Rub the inner side of the apple peel in an upward direction and let your face dry. Then, wash with cool water and pat dry. This helps tighten your skin.
  5. Take an ice cube and rub on your face. Then, pat dry. This helps to improve blood circulation and keeps your skin healthy.
  6. Beat the white of one egg and apply on your face in an upward direction. Once it dries, wash with cold water. It helps tighten your skin and delays wrinkles.
  7. Make a paste of one teaspoon of milk cream, a pinch of turmeric and four to five drops of olive oil. Apply on your face, leave to dry. Wash with cold water and pat dry.
  8. Grind half a cucumber and squeeze to remove the juice. Apply the juice on your face and leave to dry. Then wash with water and pat dry.
  9. Using a toner on your face will firm up your skin and it can also reduce the size of your pores too. Do this every day and your skin will begin to look much healthier.
  10. It is important that you always shave carefully. Use some products to help you get a great shave and take the time to do it right.
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