About Telugu-News.com

I am just like you, a telugu news reader on web. As i have seen many sites and i am not satisfied with the any telugu news site. So i decided to start a site where i can see the telugu news as i wish.

Main Object:
I am very much ineterested to read all telugu news papers for some articles, but for this cause i need to open six browser windows and need to type six telugu news paper sites, its a time consuming task. So i created a site and if i clicked on one news paper link on Telugu-News.com, here i placed all telugu news paper site links on one page, no need to go to another browser. Here i can read six telugu news news papers in single window by just clicking on required telugu news paper link.

At the same time, i am interested on telugu vantakalu, so i collected many telugu recipes and placed on http://www.telugu-news.com/recipes , so that every one can use and free to try.

I will be adding more and more features to telugu-news.com, so wish me all the best to collect good things.

yours M.S.Rao…..

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