Ayyare in the final legs of shooting

AyyareAyyare is the latest movie of Rajendra Prasad and Sivaji in the main leads. Sagar Chandra is directing it. B.Sudhakar Naidu and Rangana Acchappa are producers. In the movie Rajendra Prasad will be seen in two distinct roles. One of the roles is as a swami ji. He will be seen sporting a brand new look of Swami Nityananda, who is a disguise. Sivaji will be seen donning a mechaninc’s role. The shooting of the movie has almost come to an end except a couple of songs. Recently the climax scenes were shot. The audio will probably release in January said the sources. The other cast includes Anisha Singh, MS. Narayana, Ali, Shiva Prasad, Harshavardhan and others.

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