I do not know what is love – Samantha

SamanthaBeautiful Samantha who is enjoying the success ride of her latest release Brindaavanam has entered Tollywood as a sensible lady portraying the role of a romantic yet confused lover in her debut ‘Ye Maya Chesave’. She wooed audience as Jessie in that movie and has now wooing as lively Indu in Brindaavanam.  She has played both the roles as a lover. When the discussion started she was asked to define love in two words, She says, “I cannot define love. I do not even know as what is love. I do not have any feelings love of love or like that. For now I like visiting new places and making new friends. To be true…if you have an strong ambition in your heart, then there will be no place for any other feelings. I have got a lot of respect and identity from my very first movie. And now only ambition is to protect it” said Samantha.

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