10K more MBBS seats sanctioned by central government

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 10 January, 2014

10K more MBBS seats sanctioned by central government - Online India News

Our country India is the most populated country, however we have a lack of doctors according to government calculation. Right now we have about one doctor for every two thousand people living in India.

There is a proposal made to government on increasing of medical seats, where as on Thursday in cabinet meeting central government gave a green signal to increase the ten thousand MBBS seats to the existing number.

On this decision govt also clarified that in total it costs about 10 thousand crore, in which 7,500 crores will be given by centre and remaining 2,500 crore rupees has to be cough up by states and union territories.

Also central government said that their main agenda is to make the ratio of doctor vs patient to 1:1000 only. Any how this will be good news for the students who wants to become a doctor can be fulfilled by many aspirants now.

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