40 Indians are abducted in Iraq

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 19 June, 2014

40 Indians are abducted in Iraq - Online India News

There is an internal war is going on in Iraq, which is known by everyone. Where as about forty Indians are abducted by militants, which is confirmed by the Iraq government so far.

In which most of them are constructed working people, out of them are mostly from Punjab and remaining are from north eastern states in India.

When government trying to contact them, there is no way to reach them in any manner. By the mean time Punjab government came forward and said they are ready to spare any expenses to bring back their to the state.

However there are about 600 people from Telangana state are struck in the Iraq, which is said by Telangana government. If needed they are ready send a special team to bring back them.

Where as Indian government is in contact with the Iraq for the latest developments on this issue. Even Prime Minister Naredra Modi also observing the situation.
Image source: framework.latimes.com

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