Do changes to Telangana bill

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 06 February, 2014

Do changes to Telangana bill - Online India News

Congress party trying to get a support from main opposition party BJP on the state bifurcation bill, which about to presenting in the parliament in the present sessions.

However BJP clearly said to congress, as BJP stand on their word and we always support for state division but at the same time other region people must accept the state division.

Where as congress ruling Andhra Pradesh state Chief Minister himself opposing the bill and raising the many doubts on development and all. So BJP wants some changes, which are necessary to calm the both region people on state division.

But the situation seems to be no mutual understanding came up between congress and BJP parties on Telangana bill.

Mean while group of ministers are doing their best on getting support for the Telangana bill form the Seemandhra MPs and union ministers of their cabinet.

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