Gas subsidy may cut for high income people

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 01 January, 2014

Gas subsidy may cut for high income people - Online India News

Central government is thinking about to cut the gas subsidy for income earning people in India, as already in first phase govt have implemented some restrictions in the name of Aadhar card, however in second phase planning to cut the gas subsidy for high income groups.

Now government is providing the 9 cylinders per family, where as people have to pay market price initially, which is known by everyone so far.

So far government find that they are able to save about 15 thousand crore rupees through this gas subsidy by avoiding the illegal gas connections, which is said by union finance ministry. They also revealed that about 18 to 23 percent of bogus connections are there. Where as in Rangareddy and Hyderabad have about 20 percentage, which is find by related officers.

Where as government set up one committee, which given report as people who are earning about 10 lakhs per year can remove from the gas subsidy list. However congress government already in some trouble, so they may take this as final decision or may arrange a separate committee on this matter.

Some are suggesting to give gas subsidy below 12 lakhs per year income group. Hoping to take decision on gas subsidy cut by January 2014.

However some of the political experts believe that congress may not dare to go on gas subsidy cut, as general elections are very near and may not want to get into trouble on new issue.

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