GoM and Cabinet stamped for pure Telangana

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 06 December, 2013

GoM and Cabinet stamped for pure Telangana - Online India News

Finally Group of Ministers came up with pure Telangana and Rayala word taken back from the state division. In fact the GoM note is made just some restrictions on Hyderabad, other than that the people who asked for Telangana as it is given.

After GoM final note, which has been discussed in the presence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and said that the congress working committee (CWC) standing on their word, which they initially suggested on Andhra Pradesh state division.

PM Manmohan also guided the GoM to do the work at the earliest. Now officially cabinet agreed and stamped for separate state hood of Telangana. Soon it will goes on President table and then to assembly of Andhra Pradesh.

Union minister Jaipal Reddy very much happy about the cabinet decision to go for a pure Telangana state only. In fact some of the central ministers are said that Rayala Telangana have great support. Where as Kishore Chandradev said as soon we may have to see the separate Rayalaseema agitation.

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