Seemandhra MPs to give no-confidance motion to Speaker

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 10 December, 2013

Seemandhra MPs to give no-confidance motion to Speaker - Online India News

After congress group of ministers finalized the draft bill on Telangana, Seemandhra leaders are lost their hopes on congress high command and got ready to give no-confidence motion to Loksabha speaker Meira Kumar.

Where as on the other hand Seemandhra TDP MPs and YSR Congress MPs are also came forward to support on this matter.

This kind of movement from congress own party MPs from Seemandhra region not expected by congress high command. However congress tried to stop that but Seemandhra congress MPs are not in a position to listen their pleas.

Actually Seemandhra congress MPs are thought to give a letter on withdrawing their support to congress lead UPA government, but they rethink on it that it will not work, so decided to go for no-confidence motion.

Where as Seemandhra leaders are in a hurry to get a support from opposition party and other states regional parties support on this matter to stop the Telangana bill.

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