The way of state division is not acceptable

This India news posted by TeluguDB on 01 March, 2014

The way of state division is not acceptable - Online India News

BJP Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi while talking in the public meeting said as the way which followed by the central government in dividing the Andhra Pradesh state is not acceptable.

He also said as the Congress party itself created the state of Andhra Pradesh and now themselves are divided for just sake of political gains without considering the justification to the both sides.

If I could be in the power then we will be doing same justification to the both sides and will be creating the peaceful and happy atmosphere for the bifurcation said by Modi.

He also said that congress is not at all concerned about the commodities price rise, rather they are doing politics to come back to the power again, as we all know that congress failed to keep their words in many aspects, so this is the time to keep the away for future India, which is said by Modi in public meeting held in Gulbarga, Karnataka state.

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