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Learn Telugu - Know about the history, literature and importance of our Telugu language and all.

I am not sure of the origin of telugu language. But all of our south indian languages are derived from a common language called "DRAVIDA", but luckily telugu is the sweetest language out of them. That way people say it "italian of the east"( ref: sir C.P.Brown).

Telugu literature was started in 11th century by the great person named " NANNAYYA". He was the first person who gave life to our telugu literature first time. He put his efforts to write " maha bharatam" in telugu. Before that there is no single telugu literature. So we can say telugu literature started in 11th century.

When you know your telugu then only you can able to taste the power of telugu language, which is sweeter than other all other languages in India. Even there is a quote as "Desa Bashalandu Telugu Lessa".

Why do you want to know your Telugu ?

Every one should know your mother tongue. You should be proud to be a Telugu person. Now a days many people are unable to read in telugu and even they do not understand the basics of telugu literature.

Keep in mind that all telugu people should know the basics of telugu literature and must able to read telugu news papers or telugu magzines etc.

This is our small try to explore the telugu language as much as possible. Lets learn the telugu language step by step and know your telugu baiscs to become a master in Telugu Language. Also every one must able to read telugu language in any way. Atleast every one should read telugu news papers to know whats happening in our Andhra Pradesh.


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