Ask us what you want on to pass T bill - GOM

This Political news posted by TeluguDB on 06 February, 2014

Ask us what you want on to pass T bill - GOM - Online Political News

Group of ministers had a meeting with the central ministers of Seemandhra about to know on what they want to pass the Telangana bill in the parliament.

Seemandhra leaders are clearly said to GOM as we need to clarify the following list of points before accepting the state bifurcation bill are:

1) Hyderabad must be made as union territory

2) There are very backwardness in two districts of Rayalaseema region, so make a Rayala Telangana as new state by clubbing the Kurnool and Anantapur districts.

3) The income coming from Hyderabad must be shared to newly forming both states on basis of population.

4) Employment and education opportunities in Hyderabad are must be available for all Telugu people forever but not for 10 years like that.

5) New capital for Seemandhra must be built by central government with their own expenses and where the capital is about to set up must be announced before making the state division.

And some more changes are suggested to the group of ministers by Seemandhra ministers.

However this GOM meeting is not attended by senior leaders like Chidambaram and Azad, who are actually major decision makers, so Seemandhra leaders got doubt on this meeting too.

So far there is no clarity between the both groups, so they are about to have another meeting today on this matter.

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