People wants strong leaders - Pawar

This Political news posted by TeluguDB on 10 December, 2013

People wants strong leaders - Pawar - Online Political News

New Delhi: the present situation clearly stating that the people eagerly looking for a strong leaders in the government, who can take bold decisions for benefiting people in all aspects said by union minister Sharad Pawar.

After congress lost their most of their presence in four states in the recently released elections results shows that people are anger over congress government and their response. Which are given a warning bell to parties like ours to concentrate on all party cadre of leaders.

Even I believe that the congress party is weak in some points, which resulted the people to vote against them but am sure that they are not good leaders as far as now, which he said about Aam Admi Party in mind.

Pawar also pointed that Aam Admi Party is saying that they will build a corruption free Delhi, but how they are asking for regularize the illegal colonies they build in New Delhi.

NCP chief Sharad Pawar is the only ally leader of UPA dare to comment about congress after loosing four states polls.

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