Rahul warned his party men

This Political news posted by TeluguDB on 22 July, 2013

Rahul warned his party men - Online Political News

Rahul Gandhi said that congress is a Mahatma Gandhi party, so every party men must follow in his footsteps. So no one go beyond the party principles, if someone goes they will be punished irrespective of their position in the party.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Monday arranged a meeting with the party workers and senior leaders separately, which is attended by the at least five leaders from the each state.

Rahul also said some of the leaders from the party are making statements without consulting the others in the party. Even some leaders are using their language without control over the some sensitive matters. So we are not going to leave them, If anyone in the party would make such a statements, which will harm for party, they will be punished.

Which is warned by the Rahul Gandhi in the wake of statements made Shakeel Ahmed's remark on Gujarat riots.

Rahul warned all leaders that don't comment negatively and think before commenting, as our party is Gandhi party.

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