Telangana is possible with BJP help only Digvijay

This Political news posted by TeluguDB on 31 January, 2014

Telangana is possible with BJP help only  Digvijay - Online Political News

Andhra Pradesh state in-charge of Congress party Digvijay Singh said to media as the major step towards the formation of Telangana is over in AP assembly.

In fact we do not have sufficient majority to pass the Telangana bill in Parliament, but it can be possible only with the help of BJP.

AP Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy have a very bright future in politics, because of his key role in sending back of Telangana draft bill to President after successfully completion of discussions and his timely decisions in crucial times.

But Kiran Kumar Reddy acted like favoring for certain region but not for all regions in Andhra Pradesh said by Digvijay Singh.

However he also gave a reply to media questioning on resignation of Kiran as Chief Minister That we left for Kiran only. Even we do not have a time to change the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state right now.

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