UPA never back to power again

This Political news posted by TeluguDB on 26 December, 2013

UPA never back to power again - Online Political News

CPI senior leader A.B Bardhan while talking to media said as present ruling UPA government will never come to power in future, as they failed in all aspects.

He also confirmed that people wants a new alliance party, as they no more interested into congress lead UPA or BJP party, So new government will be formed by new alliances only.

People knows very well that AB Bardhan is one of the senior most leader in India. However today is the 88th anniversary of CPI party establishment, where as Bardhan have a relation with CPI party since he is fifteen years old.

He also said on media questioning on Chandra Babu going with BJP, as he clearly stated that we already had a discussion regarding this few months back. Where as Chandra Babu is with NDA, when Vajpayee was prime minister. However he said Vajpayee and Modi are different, as they are like both sides of the coin, so they do not match. Even we will try to contact Babu regarding this matter.

We feel Chandra Babu Naidu is a key player, so we hope he will stay with the newly forming alliance after general elections in the country.

Regarding question on Telangana said as congress party trying to form a new state of Telangana before general elections, however whether it is possible or not we can not say at this moment. However the differences between the both regions must be considered before making the state bifurcation.

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