Andhra Style Rice Recipes

Andhra style rice recipes are well known for taste and spicy of different kind! you don't get this kind of food taste with any style recipes.

Brinjal rice or Vangibath RecipeBrinjal rice or Vangibath
Brinjal rice or Vangibath is a delicious tasty brinjal recipe will work as breakfast or lunch or evening snack. This delicious brinjal rice or vangibath is very simple to prepare.

Methi Rice RecipeMethi Rice
Methi Rice is a yummy and delicious rice recipe. This is very easy to prepare and tastes superb. The time consumption of methi rice is also very less. The complete making process of Methi Rice is mentioned below.

Dondakaya Annam RecipeDondakaya Annam
Many people prefer to have rice recipes with vegetables, hear is a famous Andhra rice dish named Dondakaya Annam. The complete making process of Dondakaya Annam is given below in detail.

Palak Fried Rice RecipePalak Fried Rice
Palakura is a green leafy vegetable with vitamin A, K, C in large contants. So here is a verity dish with Palakura named Palak fried rice. Palak fried rice is easy to make and also gives good strength.

Mamidikaya Pulihora RecipeMamidikaya Pulihora
Mamidikaya Pulihora recipe is a famous Andhra dish and it will act for both breakfast and lunch. Mamidikaya Pulihora recipe tastes yummy and look delicious too. How to make Mamidikaya Pulihora recipe is mentioned below.

Tomato Bath Recipe Andhra RecipeTomato Bath Recipe Andhra
Tomato bath recipe is a famous Andhra dish and it will act for both breakfast and lunch. Tomato bath recipe Andhra flavor tastes yummy and look delicious. How to make tomato bath recipe Andhra is mentioned below.

Brinjal Curd Bath RecipeBrinjal Curd Bath
Brinjal Curd Bath its very tasty

Navrathan Pullav RecipeNavrathan Pullav
Navrathan Pullav its very taste

Corn Khichdi RecipeCorn Khichdi
Corn Khichdi its very tasty

Coconut Rice RecipeCoconut Rice
Coconut Rice

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