Andhra Style Soup Recipes

Andhra style soup recipes are well known for taste and spicy of different kind! you don't get this kind of food taste with any style recipes.

Pachi Majjiga RecipePachi Majjiga
Pachi Majjiga is a tasty traditional dish which is a great combination with ragi mudda. The preparation of this recipe is very simple and easy. The complete making processes of Pachi Majjiga recipe is mentioned below in detail.

Chikkudukaya Pulusu RecipeChikkudukaya Pulusu
Chikkudukaya Pulusu is a old traditional gravy dish. This Chikkudukaya Pulusu really consumes very less time to prepare and processes it self is very small. The complete processes of Chikkudukaya Pulusu is given here.

Chicken Soup RecipeChicken Soup
Chicken soup is a healthy recipe and great taste. This homemade chicken soup recipe is very easy to prepare and wonderful soup.

Vegetable Soup RecipeVegetable Soup
Vegetable soup is one of the tastier and healthy soup recipe in Andhra

Cauliflower Soup RecipeCauliflower Soup
Cauliflower soup is a healthy and homemade soup. This delicious soup works as good evening snack for your family.

Bitter gourd soup RecipeBitter gourd soup
Bitter gourd soup is a typical andhra styel kakarakaya soup. This is a healthy homemade soup which is combination of bitter, spibcy and sour tastes.

Lamb Leg soup RecipeLamb Leg soup
Lamb Leg Soup is a South Indian non vegetarian recipe. It is quick to make and wonderful taste. Learn about how to make Lamb Leg Soup recipe in below.

Tomato Soup RecipeTomato Soup
Tomato soup receipe is one of the Andhra style of soups. Even though it is a regular soup, yet it has the magical aroma of Andhra style.

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