Andhra Style Sweet Recipes

Andhra style sweet recipes are well known for taste and spicy of different kind! you don't get this kind of food taste with any style recipes.

Appalu Sweet RecipeAppalu Sweet
Appalu sweet is a tasty delicious andhra sweet recipe. This homemade sweet recipe traditional festival dish (especially for vinayaka chavithi). Learn this andhra style appalu sweet recipe by following simple steps below.

Sorakaya Payasam RecipeSorakaya Payasam
Sorakaya payasam is one of the tasty and delicious andhra style sweets recipes. This healthy homemade sweet recipe contain protein and mineral values. The simple and quick learning steps of sorakaya payasam recipe is given here.

Minapa Sunnundalu RecipeMinapa Sunnundalu
Minapa Sunnundalu is a traditional ancient andhra recipe. This is tasty and healthy as we used jaggery in it. The complete preparation of this delicious yummy Minapa Sunnundalu with jaggery is mentioned below.

Nuvvula Laddu Andhra Style RecipeNuvvula Laddu Andhra Style
Nuvvula Laddu Andhra Style is a traditional Andhra recipe. This is very tasty and simple to prepare. Normally we prepare this during the festival seasons. Comple preparation of Nuvvula Laddu Andhra Style is given here.

Biyyam Payasam RecipeBiyyam Payasam
Biyyam Payasam is one of the popular Andhra sweet recipes. As it is prepared with milk it is very tasty and yummy taste to the dish. Here is the Biyyam payasam dish and ingradiants and preparation is mentioned below.

Pesara pappu payasam RecipePesara pappu payasam
Pesara pappu payasam is a traditional Andhra dish which we prepare for many festivals. Preparation of Pesara pappu payasam is very easy and takes very less time to do.

Minapa Laddu RecipeMinapa Laddu
Minapa pappu is considered as the best nutritious food among the pulses. So let us see the preparation of minapa laddu which tastes delicious and gives more strength to the body.

Pesarapappu Kheer RecipePesarapappu Kheer
Pesarapappu (moong dal) is one of the healthy item. As it is summer pesarapappu is very helpful for the body to decrease the body heat. Here is the pesarapappu kheer which is very tasty.

Apple Kheer RecipeApple Kheer
Apple kheer is a recipe that is bound to entice the people with sweet tooth. But it can also be made during festivals. Let’s learn how to make apple kheer easily.

Chilakada Dumpa Sweet RecipeChilakada Dumpa Sweet
Chilakada dumpa sweet is mahashivratri festival special recipe. It is tasty and easy to make. Share and recommend more mahashivratri festival verity recipes.

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