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Here are some of the most useful diet recipes, which helps to keep your diet healthy and strong.

Pudina Roti Pachadi RecipePudina Roti Pachadi
Pudina Roti Pachadi is a traditional Andhra recipe which is very healthy. The making process of this delicious chutney is very simple. Preparation of this Pudina Roti Pachadi is mentioned below in detail.

Dondakaya Crispy Fry RecipeDondakaya Crispy Fry
Bendakaya Crispy Fry is loved by all, Especially kids will always prefer to have it. This Dondakaya Crispy Fry is good if you consume this occasionally. The complete preparation of Dondakaya Crispy Fry is here.

Dondakaya Bajji Curry RecipeDondakaya Bajji Curry
We can also prepare Curry with Dondakaya Bajji and we call this as Dondakaya Bajji Curry. This Dondakaya Bajji Curry is a tasty recipe. The process of preparing this Dondakaya Bajji Curry is given below in brief.

Bendakaya Ulli Karam RecipeBendakaya Ulli Karam
Bendakaya Ulli Karam is a spicy onion dish this is very tasty and traditional dish. More over Bendakaya Ulli Karam is very simple to make. The detail making process of Bendakaya Ulli Karam is given below.

Bendakaya Jeedipappu Fry RecipeBendakaya Jeedipappu Fry
Bendakaya Jeedipappu Fry has great demand in functions and party's. You can also prepare this Bendakaya Jeedipappu Fry in your home only. The preparing of Bendakaya Jeedipappu Fry is given here.

Dosakaya Omelet RecipeDosakaya Omelet
Omelet is the easy and healthy recipe. We can make this tastier by adding Dosakaya to this omelet and we can call this as Dosakaya Omelet which is very dimple to prepare. The making of Dosakaya Omelet is given below.

Chamagadda fry Andhra style RecipeChamagadda fry Andhra style
Chamagadda is a vegetable which is grown like root to the tree. This provides good strength to children’s and sugar patients. So here is a tasty dish with Chamagadda named Chamagadda Fry Andhra style. It’s easy to make and tastes yummy.

Kanda Gadda Curry RecipeKanda Gadda Curry
Kanda gadda is a vegetable which is have great medicinal values in it. So we provide you a different dish named Kanda gadda curry. The complete preparation and Ingredients required for this curry is given below in detail.

Special Oats Upma RecipeSpecial Oats Upma
Oats upma can helps to burn fat and keeps you healthy, This is a very good recipe for your diet.

Salli Chicken RecipeSalli Chicken
Salli Chicken

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