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Nokia released new hand set Lumia 1020Nokia released new hand set Lumia 1020
Nokia has been released the new handset Lumia 1020. This will be available in the mobile store from today. The price tag of this mobile is Rs. 49,999/-. This handset will be full news

Apple iPhone 5s and 5c to release in Indian marketsApple iPhone 5s and 5c to release in Indian markets
Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c into the Indian markets, which is likely to have the several advanced applications. It is going to reveal in the markets full news

IGI ranks second best airport awardIGI ranks second best airport award
New Delhi (15-06-2013): Indira Gandhi International (ICI) Airport in India got second place and was awarded as the world second best airport in the world. It has 25-40 million full news

New layer in human body is discoveredNew layer in human body is discovered
A new layer was discovered in our eye, normally we are familiar with only cornea eye but there exist another layer behind cornea and that was now came into light by a professor at full news

Robo Raven a robotic birdRobo Raven a robotic bird
Washington (08-06-2012) : American Army Laboratory (AAL) and Maryland university of America united and introduced Robo Raven a robotic bird. This seems like a bird and flies in full news

Philippine Bonsai show by PBSIPhilippine Bonsai show by PBSI
Philippine (07-06-2012) : Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc. (PBSI) this year also conducted bonsai show at Philippine capital Manila. This show was started in 2004 may and was full news

Google add storage ability for dataGoogle add storage ability for data
Your files storing capacity in Google like Google+, Drive, and Gmail is now increased to triple. Normally we can store only 5GB of data in Google but now it was increased to 15GB. full news

New wheat to yield high productionNew wheat to yield high production
London: Scientists of Europe has invented a new wheat product that gives thirty percent more than the normal yielding. This is very healthy and does not cause any other effects as full news

Internet Connected Glasses from GoogleInternet Connected Glasses from Google
Internet has became a compulsory need in this fast running world, by observing this Google has introduced a new "Internet-connected glasses". These glasses are important discovery full news

New Kama Sutra 3D App for bed loversNew Kama Sutra 3D App for bed lovers
New Kama Sutra App for smart phones has been developed with the help of state of the art technology by one company. In fact Kama Sutra is the 2000 year old sex manual for bed full news

Vodafone introduces FB phoneVodafone introduces FB phone
Vodafone is partnering social networking site Facebook to introduce a Facebook phone. This would give users one click access to the site. The phone integrates Facebook as default full news

Video Call on FacebookVideo Call on Facebook
Just after Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer announced plans in may to buy Skype, he and Skype Chief Executive Officer Tony Bates had one more order of business. The full news

Facebook set for $1 billion from social gamingFacebook set for $1 billion from social gaming
Facebook is on course to generate $1 billion in revenue this year from social gaming, according to Kevin Ryan, a leading Internet entrepreneur and former chef executive of online full news

Google+ social network by GoogleGoogle+ social network by Google
Google has tried several times, without much success, to take on Facebook and master social networking. Now it is making its biggest effort yet. On Tuesday, Google introduced a full news

Now Google supports Telugu TransalationNow Google supports Telugu Transalation
Internets top search engine Google elaborated their translation services to more Indian languages to increase their popularity in translation services. So that they can extend full news

Twitter making money with tweetsTwitter making money with tweets
The US-based company Twitter, which has been one of the fastest-growing social-networking services has said that it had become profitable, disclosing that its live messageing full news

Here is the Flying Maruti 800Here is the Flying Maruti 800
Here is a Maruti 800 bearing Karnataka registration plates with KA-09-N-2920 that certainly flies. `Flying Maruti' is attempting something as futuristic as this and may be even full news

Apple Grabbed 3 percent of the global market in salesApple Grabbed 3 percent of the global market in sales
Do you know that Apple company made a record sales in 2010 with just 2 models, where as some of the popular mobile phone manufacturers like Motorola, Sony Ericsson, etc.. are full news

February 24 the launch date of Motorola XoomFebruary 24 the launch date of Motorola Xoom
Motorola's iPad rival Xoom has just got price tag and launch date the Google Honeycomb-based touchscreen device will sport a price tag of Rs 36,000 approximately and launch on full news

Government Stands firm on deadline of RIMGovernment Stands firm on deadline of RIM
Chidambaram says, we stand firm on its deadline on the interception of BlackBerry’s enterprise email. Even if they need, we can give one more month to resolve this issue. This may full news

Internet explorer users at heavy risk warns MicrosoftInternet explorer users at heavy risk warns Microsoft
Microsoft has warned that the 900 million users of its Internet Explorer Web browser are at risk of having their computers hacked. The Daily Mail reports that Microsoft has full news

Viva and Roxy phones ready to rock in IndiaViva and Roxy phones ready to rock in India
Kobian company Mercury has launched their latest mobile phones Roxy & Viva which are targeted at the budget conscious buyers. Mercury Viva is a dual SIM handset that comes only full news

Google Android wins 22 percent tablet shareGoogle Android wins 22 percent tablet share
Google's Android software won a 22% share of the tablet computer market in the fourth quarter. It is hitting the heels of Apple's iPad, which still has a massive market lead. full news

MSI WindPad tablet launched in IndiaMSI WindPad tablet launched in India
MSI has announced WindPad 100W tablet with Microsoft Windows 7 running on it for India just after the announcement of Apple iPad for India. WindPad 100W tablet packs Intel Mobile full news

Apple launched its iPad in India todayApple launched its iPad in India today
Finally Apple iPad is launched in India nearly after 1 year of its manufacture. It was officially launched in the country today. iPad will now be available in India for prices full news

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