Here is the Flying Maruti 800

This Technology news posted by TeluguDB on 14 February, 2011

Here is the Flying Maruti 800 - Online Technology News

Here is a Maruti 800 bearing Karnataka registration plates with KA-09-N-2920 that certainly flies. `Flying Maruti' is attempting something as futuristic as this and may be even more.

`Flying Maruti' with four rotational blades parked next to combat planes grabbed many eyeballs at Aero India.

"It's a long haul. I have spent 17 years in developing the prototype. I have identified different pieces of the puzzle," says A K Vishwanath, the man behind the garage venture.

Vishwanath worked with Cadence Design System in the US before he put together a plan for his dream machine. He studies 2.6 million images to arrive at a proof of concept. Flying cars are a tried-and-tested concept worldwide. Terrafugia, a company founded by MIT graduates, is working on the `roadable aircraft' that can fold up its wings and drive you on the road.

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